What Makes a Good Dentist?You may look forward to your check up at the dentist, however it’s something we all have to do to ensure a healthy, winning smile.
By choosing a great dentist, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands and shouldn’t experience too much discomfort. A high calibre dentist will remain professional throughout every procedure, with successful results every time.

Knowledge and Skills

Before letting him near your teeth, take a look at your dentist’s credentials. In order to complete dental work to a high standard, a dentist must have a full working knowledge of the mouth, including teeth, gums and tongue.
Whilst a college education is a great start, the best dentists regularly attend training events and seminars to learn about the latest news and advancements in their industry, giving them new knowledge and skills that they can use in practice.
Due to his or her extensive scientific knowledge, a skilled dentist will be able to diagnose dental issues quickly and effectively, before advising on the best course of treatment.
Additionally, your dentist should display strong confidence to back up their skills, putting your mind at rest and ensuring you feel safe.


Your dentist should have strong attention to detail and a steady hand, to ensure quality work on the tiny area of your tooth or gum. Precision is necessary to locate small problems that could easily be missed, and avoid harming other teeth during the procedure. They should also remain gentle throughout, to avoid discomfort or risk of injury.


A good dentist will talk to the patient throughout and explain their actions in a way that is simple to understand. Knowing what is happening and the effects it will have can put you at ease and help you avoid nasty surprises. To involve the patient in the procedure, a dentist may show them x-rays, moulds or equipment relating to the procedure and empathise with the patient.
The dentist should also be a great listener, taking your concerns or fears on board and working to resolve any problems that arise, such as pain or anxiety.


Instead of simply saying ‘goodbye’ at the end of a procedure, your dentist may give you helpful advice relating to your oral health and hygiene.
In addition to being skilled at dental procedures, dentists have a wealth of knowledge on taking care of your teeth and gums. A good dentist will have an enthusiastic, positive approach to educating their patients and express the importance of oral health by teaching patients the correct way to brush, floss and how frequently to do so. They will also explain the damage caused by certain food and drink and suggest ways to minimalize their effects.

It’s easy to discover whether a dentist has these skills, from a telephone chat, viewing their website, reading past reviews, or meeting with them in person, so take your time to research dentists in the local area before you make a decision and you’ll be sure to find one that meets your expectations.